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horoscope for Gemini

There is a bit of everything this month and that is good news. Unlike starting the year with six planets in your financial sector and with half the solar system focused on your financial situation and money matters there is a lot more diversity this month. February begins with the three faster planets that were in your financial sector at the start of the year gone, with the three planets that are playing a long game still here. However, Mars' return to your financial sector on 17th February will see money matters become more active again, this time with a chance to use his financial passions and fighting spirit to take your financial power back. In the meantime, the faster planets have moved on and while Venus left an adventurous part of your chart last month, the Sun and Mercury have returned to continue what she began. The same will happen when Venus leaves your career sector on 8th February, with Mercury returning on 4th February and the Sun on 19th February to once again continue what she began. With professional matters in safe hands, the Moon returns to your friendship sector, the most social and serendipitous part of your chart on 8th May and the timing couldn't be better. It is not just that the Moon will return to your friendship sector on the same day or that this will create a Full Moon there on 9th February but the fact that Mars is in your relationship sector when they both return. While Venus and Mars will work together from 8th February to 17th February to create positive conditions for friendship and relationship building, the Moon will be lending its communication support from 8th February to 10th February. This is a chance to get things started. Venus will continue to promote friendship and relationship building, even after Mars moves on.

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