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horoscope for Sagittarius

The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of December in Sagittarius. This means that whether you are a November or a December born Sagittarius, this is your birthday month and in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year you get to push the 'reset' button. While the Sun will only spend a month in Sagittarius each year, it is not unusual for the planetary activity in your sign to extend out a week or two on either side though not to the degree this year. In 2020 Venus didn't return to Sagittarius until December but by the time the Sun returned last month she had already been and gone. Venus returned in October and was gone by the early days of November, giving your heart a voice long before your birthday month and new solar year even began. At the same time, while Mercury will leave Sagittarius on 14th December and the Sun on 22nd December, bringing your birthday month to a close, this won't end all planetary activity. Instead, things are just getting interesting thanks to Mars' return for the first time in nearly two years on 13th December. Her now until the end of January, this will allow you to not only end 2021 and begin 2022 with planetary activity in Sagittarius but with Mars fuelling your passions, drive, warrior and competitive spirit. Mars won't be here for an eclipsing New Moon on 4th December but he will feed off the momentum this will create. Meanwhile, the Sun will move onto your income sector, with the solar spotlight always on your income situation, matters and options in the last 10 days and the first three weeks of every year. This year the Sun and Mercury will return to find that Venus has been waiting for them, ever since returning for what should have been a 24 day visit in early November. Meanwhile, the most significant planetary shift happens in the final days of the year when Jupiter returns to your home and family sector on 29th December, setting the scene for big things here in 2022.

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