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horoscope for Virgo

This month will see five planets at a near standstill, four because they have either just turned or will turn retrograde this month and in one case, because they are turning direct. It is in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart that Pluto turned retrograde late last month, with Jupiter turning retrograde here on 15th May. Just to keep things balanced you have Saturn turning retrograde in your work sector on 11th May, Venus turning retrograde in your career sector on 13th May and Juno in retrograde motion in your income sector until 27th May. This will maintain a balance between work and play but there is additional support available from 5th May. This is when the lunar nodes shift and this will see the North Node return to your career sector and its partner the South Node return to your home and family sector. Always in opposition and always working to maintain balance, this begins a policing of a balance between your home and professional lives through to January 2022. However, with even the planets across the income, work and career fronts slowing down and especially once Mars leaves your work sector on 13th May, you are more than ready for this. This will see Mars return to your relationship sector and this makes both Ceres' return there late last month and a Full Moon in your communication sector on 7th May a lot more significant. It was in the closing days of April that the dwarf planet Ceres returned to your relationship sector for the first time in four years, with a chance for a deeper dive into your relationship needs and priorities. This will give Mars something to fight for when he returns on 13th May. This also makes the Full Moon on 7th May a valuable chance to first ensure the communication lines are open, especially as you have no planetary activity on the communication front.

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